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  • PCE Instruments Power Quality Analyzers


      PCE Instruments PA 8000 - Three-Phase Power Analyzer with 3 Current Clamp
        PCE Instruments - Three-Phase Power Analyzer with 3 Current Clamp Model # PA 8000

      • A unit that is able to measure and record the power in both single-phase or three-phase circuits. With the PCE-PA 8000 Clamp Meter you will be able to perform prolonged measurements.
      • Measurement values are saved in .xls format on the included SD card of our Clamp Meter to be easily analyzed on the computer. Measurement sample rate can be set from 2 to 7200 seconds.
      • It can also measure power and determine both power factor and phase angle. The clamps of the PCE-PA 8000 Clamp Meter can be used for cables with a diameter of 50 mm/2.0 in.
      PCE Instruments PA 8300 - Three-Phase Power Analyzer with 3 Current Clamps
        PCE Instruments - Three-Phase Power Analyzer with 3 Current Clamps Model # PA 8300

      • It features a durable enclosure, SD card memory, a LCD graphic display, as well as apparent, effective, and reactive power measurement.
      • The easy-to-use unit is the ideal tool for performing power and harmonics analysis as well as for measuring network capacity.
      • Includes 3 current clamps for measurements up to 1200 A AC
      • Voltage measurement range of 10 V to 600 V AC
      • Current measurement range of 20 A to 1200 A AC (Set 1) or 30 A to 3000 A AC (Set 2)
      • Performance measurement range of 0 kW to 9.999 MW (VA/VAR)
      PCE Instruments 830-3 - Three-Phase Power Analyzer
        PCE Instruments - Three-Phase Power Analyzer Model # 830-3

      • Measures parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, harmonics, and power as well as indicating, according to standard EN50160, harmonic values, interharmonics, and asymmetrics.
      • Interference, such as interruptions, leaks, overloads, or transience (from 16 ┬Ás) are detected with their corresponding values.
      • The backlit LCD, with high resolution, can show up to 35 parameters simultaneously. Up to 3 clips can be attached at the same time to the Power Analyzer.

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