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  • PCE Instruments High Temperature Thermometers


    PCE Instruments IR 50 - Non-contact Thermometer 0 to +500 °C for Fixed installation
      PCE Instruments - Non-contact Thermometer 0 to +500 °C for Fixed installation Model # IR 50

    • With the digital thermometer PCE-IR 50, surface temperatures can measured quickly and easily. The measuring range of the digital thermometer is 0 …500°C / 32 … 932°F.
    • The measured temperature is provided as a 4 … 20-mA standard signal which means that the digital thermometer can be easily integrated into different monitoring systems, including those in different production processes or food storage as well as the monitoring of electronic systems.
    • The digital thermometer PCE-IR 50 comes with a mounting plate for fixed installation. The digital thermometer must simply be aligned with the heat source to be measured before starting the measurement. This type of digital thermometer is recommended when the areas to be measured are under high voltage.
    PCE Instruments IR 10 - Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer 40 to 600°C (104 to 1112°F) with LCD for Fixed installation
      PCE Instruments - Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer 40 to 600°C (104 to 1112°F) with LCD for Fixed installation Model # IR 10

    • The PCE-IR10 temperature meter is made up of a small sensor head and a separate electrical component. The temperature meter sensor is so small that it can fit in almost any space. Apart from this, the device offers similar specifications as other devices.
    • The electrical component of the PCE-IR10 facilitates the use of functions hat are not normally found in a device of this quality. Among these are adjustable emissivity, minimum, maximum and average value, as well as software to program the device via a computer or directly from the unit’s LCD.
    • Due to its small size, this temperature tester is ideal for different systems in a production line. The device is accurate, easy to install and economical.

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