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      PCE Instruments LDM 80 - Distance Meter with Datalogger – 80M
        PCE Instruments - Distance Meter with Datalogger – 80M Model # LDM 80

      • The distance meter has a large measuring range of 80 m / 262.5 ft. and has many other measurement functions. It has a built-in inclination sensor that can carry out both vertical and horizontal distance measurements which means that precise measurements can be carried out with the distance meter even on hard-to-reach areas.
      • With the built-in digital camera, the measuring point can be enlarged on the display of the distance meter, making it easier to aim at the measuring point. The batteries included in the scope of delivery can also be charged via the micro USB interface from the distance meter.
      • With the data logger function, the measured distances from the distance meter can be saved at the push of a button and stored measured values ​​can be connected directly to a computer via the micro USB interface.
      PCE Instruments LRF 500 - Laser Rangefinder Distance Meter – 600M
        PCE Instruments - Laser Rangefinder Distance Meter – 600M Model # LRF 500


      This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

      • The laser rangefinder PCE-LRF 500 is an optimal tool for distance measurement in the leisure sector. It is very well suited for distance determination on walks, bike rides or hunting.
      • The laser rangefinder has a measuring range of up to 600 m / 1,968 ft. and can measure the speed of objects moving toward or away from the user.
      • To measure distances in the fog, the PCE-LRF 500 Laser Rangefinder has a special fog mode. This laser rangefinder has a sturdy plastic housing.
      • For better handling when carrying the rangefinder, a wrist strap is included. This meter is powered by 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries.
      PCE Instruments LRF 600 - Laser Rangefinder Distance Meter – 800M
        PCE Instruments - Laser Rangefinder Distance Meter – 800M Model # LRF 600


      This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

      • PCE-LRF 600 is a metric-only range-finding distance meter that not only measures distance, but also determines the speed of moving objects.
      • Ideal for hunting, shooting, golfing and more, these compact laser range-finding binoculars make great gifts for sports and outdoor enthusiasts.
      • Distance measurement range: 6 to 800 m; Distance measurement accuracy: ±1 m; ± 0.2%
      • Speed measurement range: 0 to 300 km/h; Speed measurement accuracy: ±1 km/h

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