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  • GROZ Hacksaw Frames

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    GROZ CSF/10 - Coping Saw Frame 5in Height
      GROZ - Coping Saw Frame 5in Height Model # CSF/10

    • An ideal saw for the discerning craftsman and DIY enthusiasts, the Coping Saw is useful for cutting intricate shapes in wood.
    • Blade can be turned to cut at any angle, correct tension being applied by turning the handle.
    • Well designed wooden handle provides comfortable grip
    GROZ FSF/9 - Fret Saw | Chrome Plated Frame | Overall Length: 12”
      GROZ - Fret Saw | Chrome Plated Frame | Overall Length: 12” Model # FSF/9

    • Design of the bow allows the blade to be tensioned as it is clamped in the frame
    • Serrated clamps operated by the screw and wing nuts
    • Perfect for thin tubes, veneers and laminates
    GROZ HF/12/BC - Hack Saw Frame Chrome Blue 12 In
      GROZ - Hack Saw Frame Chrome Blue 12 In Model # HF/12/BC

    • A rugged heavy-duty industrial quality hacksaw designed for the professional.
    • Strong aluminium die cast handle provides comfort and control whilst the guarded grip design protects knuckles from grazing.
    • Easy to use blade tensioning device helps to set the blade correctly.
    GROZ JHF/P12/GY - H. Duty Junior Saw Frame Grey Handle
      GROZ - H. Duty Junior Saw Frame Grey Handle Model # JHF/P12/GY

    • This is a tough junior saw designed to provide the handyman and the professional, the best means for coping with small sawing applications
    • The compact steel frame is light, yet strong and has a blade tensioning device that locks when the correct blade tension is reached.
    • Ergonomically designed pistol grip handle is made from high quality ABS plastic and comes in attractive colours.
    GROZ JHF/4PD/GY - Junior Saw Frame Grey Standard
      GROZ - Junior Saw Frame Grey Standard Model # JHF/4PD/GY

    • Superior quality steel wire frame is designed to ensure correct alignment and give perfect blade tension during use.
    • Blade holders intrinsic in the frame avoid protrusion of the blade from the ends.
    • Blade replacement is simply by compressing the front end of the frame against any solid surface.
    GROZ HF/15/BS - H.D. Hacksaw Frame Black/Grey 12 In
      GROZ - H.D. Hacksaw Frame Black/Grey 12 In Model # HF/15/BS

    • An adjustable frame with outstanding design and superior quality. The rectangular section of the tubular bow ensures perfect combination of rigidity and balance.
    • The saw is adjustable for 10″ (250 mm) & 12″ (300 mm) blades. The blade can additionally be set for sawing at 90°.
    • The lightweight design of this saw makes it exceptionally useful for overhead cutting or use from a ladder or scaffolding.


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