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  • GAZELLE Knives & Blades

    Gazelle designs, manufactures and distributes products that address some of the jobsite’s most critical challenges around safety, productivity and efficiency. Our dedication to innovation is evident from our continuously growing product solution offerings ranging across various categories such as tool storage, ladders, abrasives, and material handling equipment. Products designed for the harsh environment, the professionals who work there and the challenges they face every day.


    GAZELLE G80100 - Retractable Utility Knife
      GAZELLE - Retractable Utility Knife Model # G80100

    • Razor-sharp tempered SK5 blade
    • Multi-position retractable blade
    • Lightweight aluminium alloy housing
    GAZELLE G80102 - Auto-Retracting Safety Knife
      GAZELLE - Auto-Retracting Safety Knife Model # G80102

    • Razor-sharp tempered SK5 blade
    • Built-in blade chamber stored up to 5 blades
    • Retractable safety blade mechanism
    GAZELLE G80103 - Quick-Change Utility Knife
      GAZELLE - Quick-Change Utility Knife Model # G80103

    • Quick-Change Utility Knife
    • 3pc extra blades stored in handle
    • Die-cast aluminium body with comfort grip
    GAZELLE G80104 - Retractable Folding Utility Knife With Blade Storage
      GAZELLE - Retractable Folding Utility Knife With Blade Storage Model # G80104

    • Heavy duty anodized handle
    • 5-position retractable blade
    • Quick-change mechanism
    GAZELLE G80105 - 18mm Plastic Snap-Off Knife
      GAZELLE - 18mm Plastic Snap-Off Knife Model # G80105

    • 5 self-loading blades
    • Stainless steel flute
    • Positive blade auto-lock
    GAZELLE G80111 - 10 PC Utility Knife Blades
      GAZELLE - 10 PC Utility Knife Blades Model # G80111

    • Regular-duty utility blade for light sheet materials, paper and cardboard
    • Fits most standard utility knives
    • SK5 blade


    GAZELLE G80112 - Utility Knife 100PC Utility Knife Blades
      GAZELLE - Utility Knife 100PC Utility Knife Blades Model # G80112

    • Includes 100 blades
    • Fits all standard & fixed utility knives
    • Ideal for cutting thick, dense sheet materials


    GAZELLE G80113 - 10PC/Pack 18mm Snap Off Knife Blade
      GAZELLE - 10PC/Pack 18mm Snap Off Knife Blade Model # G80113

    • Fits most 9mm/ 18mm snap-off knives blade
    • Razor-sharp tempered SK5 blade


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