EXPERT - Windshield Handling Kit (3pcs) Model # E201501

  • 2 pairs of 117 mm Ø suction cups.
  • Pair of suction cups carrying up to 40 kg.
  • Strap supplied to position the windshield.
  EXPERT - Double suction cup Model # E201502

  • Pair of 117 mm Ø suction cups.
  • Withstanding up to 40 kg.
  EXPERT - Ratchet strap 5m Model # E201503

  • It allows manipulation with the windshield.
  • Use with windshield positioning suction cups.
  EXPERT - Pump Vacuum suction cup Model # E201504

  • 254 mm Ø pump suction cup.
  • Withstanding up to 130 kg.
  • Vacuum leak indicator.
  EXPERT - Multi Function suction cup Model # E201505

  • 55 mm Ø suction cup.
  • Withstanding up to 10 kg.
  • Suction cup system produced by tightening the 2 handles together.
  EXPERT - Window Handling Kit (2pcs) Model # E201506

  • 78 mm Ø suction cups.
  • Suction cups linked with a 400 mm sheathed cable to avoid damaging the paint.
  • Side window held when working on the window operating control system.
  EXPERT - Suction Pad Clamps (6 pcs) Model # E201507

  • 78 mm Ø suction cups.
  • Indispensable to hold the bodywork upholstery or windshield during gluing operations.
  • Screw adjustment system.
  EXPERT - Multi function Mini Suction Cup Model # E201508

  • 23 mm Ø suction cup.
  • Withstanding up to 5 kg.
  • Ideal for smaller panes such as rear view mirrors
  EXPERT - Rain and light sensor removal tools Model # E201509

  • Set of 3 tools allowing easy and damage-free removal of rain and light sensors on windshields.
  • 3 x Rain and Light Sensor Removal.
  EXPERT - Windshield Wiper Puller Model # E201510

  • For damage-free removal of wiper arms.
  • For LV and LUV.
  • Capacity 2 KN.
  EXPERT - Wiper Pick up tool Model # E201512

  • Also suited to wipers with or without built-in nozzle.
  • Maximum load: 4 KN.
  EXPERT - Windshield removal tool Model # E201513

  • Cold cutting tool for windshield gasket.
  • Replaceable 90° blade.
  • Main handle to insert and guide the blade.
  EXPERT - Wire feeder tool Model # E201515

  • Flat blade with end cutout to insert the cutting wire through the windshield gasket.
  • Plastic T handle for more comfort and power.
  EXPERT - Wire gripping handles (2pcs) + wire Model # E201516

  • Pair of pulling handles for windshield gasket cutting.
  • Supplied with piano wire.
  EXPERT - Windshield cut out wire square Model # E201518

  • Stainless steel piano wire.
  • Can be used with pulling handles E201516.
  • Square cross-section for efficient and fast cutting.
  EXPERT - Scraper Model # E201519

  • Used to remove glue and label residue from windshields.
  • Supplied with 1 blade.
  • Spare blades available in multi-pack of 5 - E201520.
  EXPERT - 5pcs spare blade for scraper Model # E201520

  • For scrapers E201519 and E201209.
  • In 5-blade box.

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