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    EXTECH 45170 5-in-1 Environmental Meter

    # 45170

    • Dual LCD simultaneously displays Temperature and Air Velocity or Relative Humidity.
    • High Temperature air or surface measurements can be made using the built-in Type K input.
    • Comes complete with built-in Humidity sensor, Light sensor and Vane wheel, wrist strap, and 9-Volt battery.
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    • 45170
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    • Ergonomic pocket size housing with large dual LCD simultaneous display of Temperature and Air Velocity or Relative Humidity
    • Characters on display reverse direction depending on Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer or Light Mode
    • Data Hold to freeze the displayed value
    • Records Min/Max readings
    • Built-in low friction vane wheel improves accuracy of air velocity in ft/min, MPH, m/s, km/h, and Knots
    • Built-in precision thin-film capacitance humidity sensor for fast response
    • Built in thermistor for ambient temperature measurements
    • High temperature measurements using Type K thermocouple
    • Utilizes precision photo diode and color correction filter
    • Cosine and color corrected light measurements
    • Auto power off, Low Battery and overrange indication
    • Complete with built-in Humidity sensor, Light sensor and Vane wheel, wrist strap, and 9V battery
    Measurements Range Resolution Basic Accuracy
    Air Velocity
    ft/min 80 to 5910 ft/min 10ft/min ±3% FS
    m/s 0.4 to 30m/s 0.1m/s ±3% FS
    km/h 1.4 to 108km/h 0.1km/h ±3% FS
    MPH 0.9 to 67MPH 0.1MPH ±3% FS
    knots 0.8 to 58.3 knots 0.1knots ±3% FS
    Foot Candles (Fc) 0 to 1860Fc 0.1Fc ±(5% rdg + 8 digits)
    Lux 0 to 20,000Lux 1Lux ±(5% rdg + 8 digits)
    Relative Humidity 10 to 95%RH 0.1%RH ±4%RH of rdg
    Temperature (Thermistor) 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C) 0.1° ±2.5°F (1.2°C)
    Temperature (Type K) -148°F to 2372°F (-100°C to 1300°C) 0.1° ±(1%+2°F)/(1%+1°C) of rdg
    Dimensions Meter: 6.1 x 2.4 x 1.3" (156 x 60 x 33mm); Vane: 1.2" (31mm)
    Weight 5oz (160g)
    • Built-in Humidity sensor
    • Light sensor and Vane wheel
    • Wrist strap
    • 9V battery

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