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  • Underground Pipe & Cable Locators

    Shop our selection of Underground Pipe & Cable Locators from our retail outlets across dubai & UAE - AABTools


    Underground Pipe & Cable locators help technicians find underground utility pipes and cables. These cables could include lines for electricity distribution, telecommunication, natural gas, fiber optics, traffic signals, street lights, water mains, storm drains, and wastewater pipes.


    • Cost savings of millions of dollars from avoiding cable strikes
    • Portable and easy to use
    • Prevents injuries to workers
    • Measures depth from the surface
    • Ability to identify sewers and other non-metallic ducts or pipes to which there is access
    • Can locate pipe blockages and collapses


    Who uses it?

    • Roads construction contractors
    • Bridge construction contractors
    • Infrastructure contractors
    • Electrical cable laying contractors
    • Pipe laying contractors
    • Utilities contractors
    • Landscaping contractors


    Where is it used?

    • Before excavating any ground


    How to safely use it?

    • Professional training is required prior to first-time use
    • Always have utility mapping of the area for basic guidance
    • After locating the cable, always expose the cable before excavation


    Underground Pipe & Cable Locators from Ridgid and Radio Detection are available at our retail stores across the United Arab Emirates in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.

    AABTools is the largest authorized distributor of Megger, Ridgid, and several other industrial brands in the UAE.